Active Load Control

Without a doubt, bolted assemblies are the most commonly used joints in mechanics. Achieving and maintaining the correct clamping force, or bolttension, is essential in assuring bolted joint integrity. 85%-90% of all bolted joint failures are caused by insufficient bolt tension at installation.

The FC DISC is a patented, highly accurate indicator of tensioning or clamping force. The FC DISC is based on commonly used spring technology. This technology is
widely used in the industry for securing the load in bolted connections. This make the FC DISC an active load indicator.



What is your industry?

oil & Gas

The Flange FC DISC is designed to fit on flanges. With the integrated spring technology we make the connection much more durable. This make the Flange FC DISC the solutions for flanges with temperature and pressure changes. So you get and keep the load.


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Wind turbines

The Wind FC DISC is designed for applications in wind turbines. With using the Wind FC DISC in wind turbines, the maintenance cost will drop, and lifetime will be enlarged because the preload in the bolts can be easily checked without additional tooling.


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The Crane FC DISC is designed for critical applications in on- and offshore cranes. With the Crane FC DISC the safety, reliability and lifetime of a crane will be enlarged. because the preload in the bolts can be easily checked without needing extra additional tooling.


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The Energy FC DISC is designed for bolted connections in power plants - for example for coal or gas powered power plants or nuclear power stations. With the Energy FC DISC the Safety, Quality and Schedule will be much improved.


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The Construction FC DISC is designed to on constructions. There are much applications where it is important to have the correct load in the connections. The construction FC DISC is the solutions for constructions where the load is critical.


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The Transportation FC DISC is designed for preventing the unwanted loosening of the nut from a bolt connected assembly. This phenomenon occurs for various reasons. The Transportation FC DISC gives you an indication to the boltload.


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