Oil & Gas

Taking inspiration from global trends the oil & gas industry, the Flange FC DISC is a consistently introduced engineered solution for supporting the

bolted joint needs of the oil & gas industry.

The Flange FC DISC gives the insurance that the correct load is in the bolted joint, this makes that the gasket is equal compressed.

Some "bad actors" are leaking temporary or permanently.


This phenomenon occurs for various reasons, mainly resulting from improper boltload requirements during the time,

due in part to the improper characterization of static and dynamic loading in which the connected assembly is subjected.

Below you can see the gasket stress, that is directly a result of the boltload, during time.

There is shown that there is always a lack of load. We can slow this down with the Flange FC DISC

because there is a spring inside that decrease the loss of load.

Another phenomenon is are the changes of boltload during the process. Normally during start up or cooling down this is happen.

By example during cool down of a heat exchanger that is horizontal placed the lower half of the flange is cooling down much faster than the upper half.

This phenomenon is causing that the bolts on the lower half of have a much more load then in the upper half. This could cause leakages.

With the Flange FC DISC we could compensite this difference of load.


Flange during proces

Flange during cooling down


In the images on the left you can see the temperature of the bolts of an heat exchanger during process and cooling down. This effect can cause a leaking flange and the optimum solution for this is the Flange FC DISC. The spring in the Flange FC DISC can be designed the difference in temperature is compensated and the boltload is still equal for every bolt.


Give our engineers information about the flange and the process and they design the optimum Flange FC DISC!