The FC DISC has an integrated spring, these springs deflect linear with the load.
With the FC DISC you expand the elasticity your bolt. Each size has his own
spring that is engineered for the optimal load deflection curve. With this
technology we are also able to design a FC DISC for each load, there are no
limitations. The FC DISC can be made of several materials: H13, 17-4 PH, 17-7
PH, Inconel, etc.

The FC DISC is suitable for every application
where tensioning or clamping force is


We have a line of FC DISC with a single locking load, and we have them with a double locking load.



The FC DISC is cost effective, it is used like any ordinary washer. The installation
of the FCDISC is nothing more than placing the FC DISC between the nut and the
The FC DISC is a product of the Bolting Solutions group. This group has a lot of
experience with bolted connections. Our specialized engineers are always
available to give you the best advice.


Please sent us the details of your application and we will recommend a FC DISC
that covers all your requirements.


Theory behind the FC DISC click here


Complementary products


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Help eliminate flange leakage with BelleFlex™ flange bolting.  Leaks occur by bolt stretch, gasket creep, cycles of thermal change, etc. However, by maintaining load on bolted joints, leakage is greatly reduced, if not eliminated. H13 Tool Steel is the main material for this product group, with a working temperature to 1000°F. Materials, such as 17-7 PH Stainless Steel and INCONEL 718 and X-750 Alloys, are also available. 


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