Industrial bolting solutions

We get the job done!

Our goal of maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime is highlighted with our on-site bolting capabilities. We provide onsite Expert support for controlled torquing, tensioning and dis-assembly services for day to day maintenance, major turnarounds and capital projects.

Onsite Expert support

Our field technicians have the experience and knowledge to advance your project, save man hours, increase production, and reduce downtime through on site bolting services. We have developed an efficient way of working, based on years of operating on site with high-end equipment.

Bolting tools

With one of the largest fleets of hydraulic, pneumatic , battery bolting & tensioning equipment, we can offer any size Project Rental Package our customers need. Our bolting equipment is calibrated and is inspected prior to going out the door before every rent

Engineering support

We providebolting related support in flange design.  If specific tooling techniques can be applied, the accessibility of the bolts in the connections and accessibility for measurement purposes, is already determined in the design phase. 


Bolts remain a critical component of the industrial world, supporting everything from bridges to pipelines, and are integral for the completion and continued function of any structure in which they are utilized.  Our instructors are highly experienced in mechanical joint integrity and all hold recognised teaching qualifications.

Bolting Solutions 

Bolting Solutions is a trademark of AnMa-TECH Bv. AnMa-TECH BV is the supplier for industrial bolting tools. With more than a decade of expierence we can alwasy find the solution for your bolting needs


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